If your best friend's husband recently passed away after a battle with bone cancer and she is having a difficult time dealing with the loss, the following suggestions will help your friend overcome obstacles while she is grieving and will provide her with much-needed support.

Offer To Make Funeral Arrangements

If your friend does not feel up to speaking with a funeral director or is having difficulty with planning a memorial service for her husband, offer to assist by meeting with a director and choosing decorations, music, and other details that will memorialize your friend's husband and allow people to remember him for the wonderful person that he was.

If your friend wishes to choose some of the details that will be added to the service and requests moral support by attending a funeral home with her, set aside time to be by your friend's side as arrangements are made and provide her with feedback concerning the choices that she makes for the funeral plans. 

Prepare Meals And Beverages

Prepare some light meals and pitchers that are filled with cool beverages and bring the food items and drinks over to your friend's house during a time that she feels up to meeting with you. Sub sandwiches, salads, chicken mixed with pasta, or vegetable casseroles are some foods that are not difficult to prepare and that will keep your friend nourished.

Instead of needing to prepare foods when she doesn't feel well or is attempting to deal with other responsibilities, your friend will have access to plenty of food and can heat up meals in a microwave or eat them straight from the packaging that you have placed them in. The food and beverages will also come in handy if your friend is going to have several visitors stop by after her husband's memorial service. 

Handle Shopping And Other Errands

If your friend has a list of items that she needs to purchase from various stores or if she has other errands that need to be attended to, take some of the load off of your friend's shoulders by offering to go shopping or handle her other responsibilities.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all of the tasks that need to be handled, your friend will be able to take some time for herself and can rest, relax, or reflect upon the moments that she shared with her husband. The time alone will help your friend come to terms with the death of her husband and may help her begin to let go and move on with her life. 

Contact a funeral home, like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, for more help.